The Greenfield Notebook

UF Miami-Dade County Extension serving Ornamental Production Industry

Opportunity to sell your agricultural land…potential buyer waiting!!! July 2, 2012

Do you want to sell your nursery or farm land? Here is an excellent opportunity!

The National Farm Investment Coordinator for US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, is looking for farm land opportunities for one of their our ultra-high net worth client.

One client has expressed an interest in acquiring a farm in South Florida, YES, here in the unique South Florida area.

This announcement is for farmers and/or real estate people interested in selling their land.

They have the ability to move fast if their client finds a property that meets his requirements.  They are based in San Antonio (Texas), but they area is national, so if they can find the right farm, they will be contacting you for that deal.

If you have more specific questions, contact:

Tommy R. Funk

Vice President, Specialty Asset Manager II. National Farm Investment Coordinator

US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

PO Box 300. San Antonio, Texas 78291-0300

210-270-5103 office

210-607-9731 cell


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