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Extension Team Develops “App” to Identify Weeds in Container Nurseries August 20, 2013

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Weeds are a nuisance hard to control once they are established…NCSU Cooperative Extension team worked on this “App” for ornamental plant growers. If interested, keep reading.

IPM in the South

A group of plant scientists at NC State University are trying to help ornamental plant growers get to the root of their weed problems.

With herbicide-resistant weeds on the rise, and a zero-tolerance threshold for weed pests in the nursery, Drs. Alexander Krings, Joe Neal and Bridget Lassiter have created a web “app” that helps the nursery owner identify container weeds. Upon completion, WeedIT Mobile could potentially save ornamental plant producers millions of dollars a year in preemergence herbicide and hand weeding costs. Growers currently spend about $550 per acre every year on herbicides, coupled with hand weeding costs at $2,400 to $5,500 per acre every year.

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