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DPI Diary: A Summary of Social Media Activity at FDACS/DPI January 30, 2014

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An Update on this invasive snail affecting our County.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Division of Plant Industry

This is our first diary entry of 2014. We hope everyone is enjoying a good beginning to the year.

Giant African land snails still top DPI’s agenda in Miami-Dade

SnailFind19Mar13Inspectors from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services continue to look for and collect snails in 25 core areas of Miami-Dade County. This week we pointed up the importance of rapid and sustained, coordinated action by government agencies like FDACS and USDA when invasive pests are discovered within our state’s borders. We examined the plight of residents of Kerata, a state in India where there are now 59 pockets of giant African land snails. People there are finding the snails in homes and gardens (even in the walls of homes and on the plumbing!) and hearing them crunch under their feet as they walk outside at night. In contrast, our FDACS/DPI teams are making steady progress toward the eradication…

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