The Greenfield Notebook

UF Miami-Dade County Extension serving Ornamental Production Industry

Notes in English May 29, 2012

Dear green thumb friends:

This is my very first post in this new blog designed for horticulture lovers and commercial producers.

Homestead orchid Nursery

My name is Vanessa Campoverde (Greenfield in Spanish) and that is where the title of this blog starts. I want to play with words about what this blog is intended for.

I named it The Greenfield’s Notebook because I think we  are always learning about several crops in horticulture. This notebook will serve as a resource for you and I to understand better several aspects, benefits and issues of horticulture production. I work for University of Florida Extension Office in Miami-Dade County. Thanks to this land grant university I can provide a research based information about ornamental crops, soil and water management, integrated pest management, cold damage, crop insurance and latest research news for your information.

I will be posting topics of your interest in both main languages spoken in South Florida: English and Spanish.

All your feedback is welcome, so we can improve together this blog.

Thanks for your visit and come back soon!

Vanessa Campoverde

UF/IFAS Commercial Horticulture Agent


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