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Whitefly sampling and new UF website! August 14, 2012

We had an amazing program on August 7, thanks to the participation of over 70 Miami-Dade growers, pest control supervisors, Extension specialists and chemical industry representatives together at UF-Extension Auditorium in Homestead, Miami area.
UF Extension Whitefly program

UF entomologists: Drs. Mannion and Osborne gave talks on Identification of the current whiteflies species affecting Miami ornamental plants; chemical management; resistance due to wrong identification and alternative management control using natural enemies like biological agents.

Your Miami-Dade UF Extension agent: (me) taught growers and pest management supervisors about key points for a successful identification of the whitefly they want to control.

Also your UF-Extension Agent taught about how to sample for whiteflies and how to use the new and FREE University of Florida Extension Whitefly website! With tools for educators, professionals and homeowners! Click here

Visit: UF-Miami Dade Extension website calendar or contact me at for more educational classes for your institution.

See you in our next event: Farm Labor Safety! in English and Español! September 11.


UF-MREC Research Update and Field Day June 7, 2012

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The UF Mid Florida Research and Education Center located at Apopka or UF-MREC, hosted the 2012 Research Update and Field Day on May 23rd UF  invited speakers, research and field tours, poster for current investigations were presented to growers, industry suppliers, UF state specialists, Master Gardeners and UF Extension agents among Florida.

This event hosted about 245 people and they participated on several activities.Your Miami-Dade commercial horticulture agent presented a research poster on “Molecular improvement of orchid virus detection” in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Palmateer from UF- TREC. Soon to be available for free downloads.

If you want to enjoy some moments of this educational experience, please click: MREC pictures