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Chill out: South Florida temperatures to plunge this week – Miami-Dade – January 15, 2014

Chill out: South Florida temperatures to plunge this week – Miami-Dade –


Webinar on irrigation January 2, 2014

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Webinar on irrigation


South FL Plant Disease Update-2013 August 16, 2013

Do you work with: Aglaonemas, Anthurium, Cordylines, Gardenias, Mandevillas, scheffleras, Lucky bamboos, Areca, Foxtail palms, Phoenix canaeriensis, Jamaican caper trees, Cypresses or arugula and the list continues.

Don’t miss out the latest plant diseases report affecting foliage, palms, trees, grasses and succulent plants in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach areas.

Learn how to identify what is affecting your business and how to start controlling it. Also don’t wait until last minute to collect your free pesticide CEU’s, we are giving 2 category CEUS for this program. Read the list below. Lunch included! So what are you waiting?

Have you registered yet?

If you need pesticide CEUs, the following categories will be given:

  •  Private Applicator-Ag,
  • Demo & Research
  • Ornamental & Turf
  • Limited Landscape Maintenance
  • Limited Lawn& Ornamental and
  • Commercial Lawn & Ornamental

The University of Florida Extension in Miami-Dade County and TREC Plant Diagnostic Clinic are pleased to announce the upcoming:

                                       South FL Ornamental Disease Update & management!

  • We will share some interesting facts of the latest pests affecting the economy of the green industry in South FL environment.
  • Also, Dr. Palmateer (Head of the Plant Diagnostic Clinic) will share with us, the predominant pest (fungal and or bacterial) affecting our plants in nursery and landscape. With live samples and management options for those diseases you found in your Hibiscus, Mandevilla or in your Ficus perhaps.
  • We will work on an informal forum with growers attending this program to record what other issues we need to start paying attention and create a prevention workshop in advance.
  • Please share this information with your peers. CEU and lunch available for you.

Late Registration:        Click here or type:

When:                          Thursday, August 22nd. From 9 am to 1 pm

Where:                         UF/IFAS Extension office in Miami-Dade


Manejo Integrado de plagas en español June 3, 2013

IPM in Spanish: (English summary) 

This is a basic training on IPM in Spanish with plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria or insects.

Pesticide, ISA and FNGLA CEUs will be provided. You need to register: via online or by mail. Also be present from beginning to end to claim CEU at the end.

Where:        UF Extension Auditorium. 18710 SW 288th St. Homestead 33030 FL.

When:          June 18th from 9:00 am. to 1 pm.

Cost:            $20.0 until June 7, $ 25.0 after that. Includes course, materials, refreshments and lunch. Online flyer

Online registration: Online Registration

If you have issues with links, go to our website (Calendar) Call our support staff at 305-248-3311 EXT 225.

Este es un entrenamiento básico que cubrira enfermedades genrales afectando plantas ornamentals causadas por un hongo, bacteria, virus o insectos. Si necesita CEUs, puede colectar ISA, FNGLA y FDACS en esta clase, pero debe registrarse via online o por correo y estar presente desde el inicio hasta el final de la clase.

Donde:       Oficina de Extension de la Universidad de Florida. 18710 SW 288th. Homestead 33030. FL

Cuando:     El 18 de Junio desde las 9 am hasta la 1 pm

Costo:         Hasta el 7 de Junio es $20.0, despues del 7 es $25.0. Incluye el curso, materiales, bebidas  y almuerzo.

Lupas magnificadoras estan a la venta en la pagina de registro via online. El volante esta abajo pero puede verlo Volante/Información

Registro Online: Registro via online


What do Floridians think about water issues? February 19, 2013

Although water is one of Florida’s most abundant resources, groundwater resources are being depleted by population growth, development and business and agricultural needs of the state. Residents and UF/IFAS Center for Public issues education (PIE Center) stakeholders routinely identify water as one of the most pressing issues in the state, according to PIE Center Director Tracy Irani, so water was the logical topic for launching the ambitious research series.

“Even though we are surrounded by water on all three sides, we’re finding that in this state, water is a resource to be concerned about,” Irani said. “There’s a greater and greater understanding that this resource needs to be conserved and that individual citizens have a role to play in that.”

Alexa Lamm, assistant professor of public opinion analysis in the UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication., developed and distributed an online survey in late 2012 to a panel of Florida residents demographically representative of the state based on 2010 Census results.

When asked to rank where water was most needed, state residents left their landscaping at the bottom of the list; 60.7 percent of surveyed citizens said having enough water for household landscaping was either highly or extremely important.

Agriculture held the highest need for plentiful water, with 88.6 percent of respondents saying it was extremely or highly important. Recreation followed at 86.1 percent and golf courses at almost 84.8 percent. Commerce and industry ranked ahead of landscaping, as did freshwater resources and cities.

“People are more concerned with recreation activities and golf courses than they are with their own personal household landscapes,” Lamm said. “Water conservation efforts have been occurring and more people are more aware that their landscape doesn’t need as much water as they once thought.”

When compared to the needs of cities, commerce and recreation, Lamm speculated that Floridians seemed to be sacrificing their gardens for the greater good of the state.

Source: UF/IFAS Center for Public Education (PIE)

If you want to read more about Public opinions of water in Florida :Click here for Water Summary

Upcoming Class on Water BMP for nurseries : UF/IFAS Extension working in Miami-Dade County is working on a very first hands on field day on irrigation for commercial growers! Early registration ends this Friday 22: Online Flyer and Registration link

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Leaf spots on your Ficus plants? October 9, 2012

Leaf spots on Ficus plants

New Pest alert: Lizards in South Florida September 26, 2012

Do you have a lizard invading your grove or nursery in Miami-Dade County?

Check this out! And share it with your friends.

In 3 languages (English, Spanish and Creole) thanks to collaboration between The University of Florida Extension and Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. Check their website: ECISMA

Tienes una lagartija invadiendo tu cultivo o vivero en el condado de Miami Dade?

Informate aqui en 3 idiomas gracias a un esfuerzo por la Universidad de Florida Extension y la Cooperación de los Everglades en el manejo de especies invasoras.

Click here for each language:

English/ Ingles

Spanish/ Español


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