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Summer travels are fun!!! Just don’t pack a PEST June 19, 2012

Did you make your reservations? Did you pack your gadgets, batteries and extra clothing just in case? Good! Now remember: do not pack a PEST on your way back!!! An invasive pest is an organism that is introduced into an area and becomes a pest in the new environment. Does not occur naturally in a specific area and therefore may not have any natural enemies. They cause economic (including agricultural) , environmental or human health harm.
Invasive pests spread by:

  • Commercial shipments of plants, food and other materials
  • By “hitch-hiking” on vehicles, fruits, plants, seeds or animals when travelers enter the U.S. or any state
  • When travelers bring prohibited fruits, plants, seeds or animals back from other states or countries.

Watch this video:

Top Invasive Pest Threats in the U.S.


For more information go to: Don’t pack a pest


Marvelous Mangos !!! June 12, 2012

Yup! if you are a fan of this tropical fruit. Come and join UF-Miami Dade Extension friends at USDA Chapman Field Community Day and taste different varieties of mangos grown at this USDA research facility.

You can choose one of two new flowering trees which are available for free (limited supplies). Also see how agricultural research and experiments are done during lab tours, and take an air-conditioned bus tour of the experimental groves and extensive plant collections.

Plant sales, food vendors, and educational booths will be available to you!

We will also have a UF Master Gardener plant clinic to have your plant/insect questions.

This open house is FREE and open to the public!

When:   Saturday, June 23, 10 am – 3 pm (The Friends of Chapman Field, a local support group, will have its annual meeting at 9 am, open to the public)

Where:   USDA-ARS, 13601 Old Cutler Rd, Miami.

Website:   USDA Chapman Field