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Giant African Land Snail by the Numbers July 29, 2013

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Update on the Giant African land snails that invaded our local environment according to FDACS/DPI. In Miami-Dade county only they collected more than 100 000 of these snails. Not so slow pest, after all, right?

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Division of Plant Industry

SnailLifeStagesGiant African land snails (GALS) were found in Miami-Dade County neighborhoods in September 2011. Since then teams from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry (FDACS/DPI)  have collected 125,000 of the mollusks. As eradication efforts continue, officials say a significant decline in the snail population shows the program is succeeding. Extensive surveys continue statewide, but the snail has not been found in any other county in Florida. The snails can grow to be eight inches long and attack more than 500 plant species. The snail can also damage structures by consuming stucco to obtain calcium to build its shell. Below are key numbers related to the snail eradication program.

9/8/11: Date the giant African land snail was discovered in Miami

500: Number of agricultural crops known to be consumed by the snail

8” x 4”: Maximum size attained by individuals of the species

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UF Small Farms Conference is around the corner! July 26, 2013

UF Small Farms Conference is around the corner!

Spread the word about the Upcoming Florida Small Farms in Kissimmee


1st annual South Florida-UF Bee workshop! July 19, 2013

Dear green thumb:

The upcoming beekeeping extension event hosted by the Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory at the University of Florida, will offer the 1st South Florida Bee College (SFBC) to educate anyone interested in honey bees or beekeeping about the subject.

A novice will learn new skills and a newbie can walk away knowing how to start beekeeping.

Beekeeping and the pollination services it provides support the vitally important agriculture community Florida is known for.

SFBC will be held August 16-17 at the Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center in Davie. We are hosting Florida’s first Spanish-language beekeeping course track and have a 22-class honey show open to all registrants.

For registration: Click here

Agenda: 2 day schedule here


Miami-Dade Comm. Horticulture Agent

Vanessa Campoverde


2012/2013 IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program Survey July 15, 2013

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Speak up Miami-Dade growers!

So you think nobody listens to your problems at your nursery. Now you can be heard. This is an anonymous survey for you!

The IR-4 Project’s Ornamental Horticulture Program helps provide safe and effective pest management solutions for greenhouse, nursery, landscape, Christmas tree and forestry producers. Working with growers, researchers, registrants and regulatory agencies to facilitate new product registrations. Placing new diseases, insects, and weeds as well as new crops on already registered ornamental horticulture product labels. Every other year, we prioritize the next two-year research plan at our Ornamental Horticulture Workshop.

Please, answer few questions about the diseases, insects, and weeds which impact your business.

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